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Agnes Waters Beachouse

Commencing amidst the aftermath of the 2019 bushfires, the Agnes Waters Beachouse captures the essence of renewal amidst a landscape in transition. Nestled within the prestigious Sunrise 1770 estate, our project integrates luxury living with environmental stewardship.

The project’s genesis lies in the juxtaposition of charred landscapes and vibrant resurgence witnessed post-bushfires. This juxtaposition served as the cornerstone of our design philosophy, blending resilience with rejuvenation. Traversing through dense foliage, our team unearthed the ideal location—an oasis framed by the majestic silhouette of a bloodwood tree. This serendipitous discovery guided our site-specific approach, ensuring a harmonious coexistence with the natural surroundings.

Our design narrative embraces the estate’s stringent planning regulations while prioritizing sustainability and functionality. Key constraints, including maximum clearing limitations and sensitive lighting requirements, were meticulously addressed to ensure compliance without compromising aesthetic integrity. The resulting design is a testament to understated elegance, featuring a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. External doors blur the boundaries, inviting nature to permeate every corner, while communal areas foster connections amidst tranquility.

At the heart of this project lies a profound understanding of the importance of relationships—not only within the immediate family but also among extended friends and relatives. Our design narrative is intricately woven with elements that facilitate shared experiences, meaningful interactions, and a sense of belonging.  The verandah wrapping around the tree courtyard creates visual connections, while guests are still able to find their own personal retreat and escape.

  • Location

    Gureng Gureng Country
    Agnes Water

  • Builder

    Maiden Homes

  • Design Time

    24 months

  • Build Time

    12 months

  • Year Completed


  • Value per m2


  • Photography & Videography

    Toby Scott


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