Considerations for a great home office

Pffffff, just the term ‘home office’ doesn’t do this space justice.  Due to the strange year that 2020 has been, creating homes that accommodate a successful working from home lifestyle has become a number one talking point.  There are lots of ways to think about these spaces, how you work and what works for you.  To this end, we have created our TOP TIPS for a great home office – things we know work and more importantly things we’re learning from our clients!

01. Natural lighting is your friend! Set yourself up by a window and make sure the blinds and curtains are drawn. Natural lighting is essential for productivity, mood and comfort Soak up the spring sunshine, give your eyes a break and enjoy the dappled light dancing on your desk. 

02. Make things personal. Don’t be afraid to get creative and add your own design touch to your space. Add things such as artwork, plants, a colourful vase or a favourite art piece to personalise your home office and make it your own. And if you’re able to, a new paint colour or wallpaper can be great too! 

03. Organisation is key. As much as we’re all for breaking up the work day, we prefer coffee breaks over lounge room scavenger hunts searching for that lost laptop charger. Take the time to organise your home office. Whether that’s installing extra shelving, establishing a clear filing systemlabelling your drawers and storage boxes or tidying up those cables. The quicker you can find your items, the quicker you can get to brewing that coffee! 

04. Support yourself. What was once expensive ergonomic chairs at the office is now hard wooden dining chairs or a bar stool pinched from the kitchen. Make sure you prioritise your posture and comfort by investing in an ergonomic office chair. Alternatively, opt for a standing desk!

05. Buy Two of Everything

While many of us have loved the change that working from home has brought to our lives, it has come with its fair share of frustration too!  We may not be able to do much about the slow internet (grrrrrr), but we can make that two-and-fro from work easier by doubling up on our hardware.  Buy two of all your critical second chargers for phones & laptops.  While you’re at it, set up an easily accessible power point or even better get a desktop power board clamped to your desk (from 50 – 150 dollars per item) so that you aren’t under your desk every two days plugging everything back in again!

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