Fresh Eyes, Fresh Vision, 2021!

Well it’s 2021! We have entered another year in what feels like a changed world. As a team we spent some time at the end of the year setting our objectives. Each of us has had a deepening resolution to do more than create beautiful buildings and interiors. We have been able to distill our combined Ethos into six simple statements which you can read below. I thought for this letter, I would focus on one of these – Responsibility – because wrapped up in this one word, is our commitment to stronger action in a few areas.

Firstly, responsibility to our environment. Maytree has always taken a conscientious approach to environmental design. But we’d like to take this further – proactively educating our clients on environmental design from big decisions through to the selections that make up your home. ‘Green’ is not compromise. We think it makes for fantastic homes and a real sense of pride in what you’ve made. On top of environmental design, we’ve committed to being a certified carbon neutral business by end of 2021.

Secondly, we are committed to integrating a reconciliation action plan within our practice. Thankfully we have excellent resources through Reconciliation Australia who have set out some great road maps that will help us practice with greater cultural sensitivity. Our first step has been updating our website to include an acknowledgement of country and locating our projects within indigenous tribal land. Our next step is integrating this into every project we embark on so that our clients come with us on this journey. We invite you to discuss this with us and if you’re interested in knowing more check out the great resources below in the Reconciliation Australia link. 

If you’ve followed us for a while, you’ll know that we always harp on about ‘future proofing’. Part of this is thinking about and planning for your home with changing accessibility needs. My life has been significantly impacted in this area lately. My Dad had a severe stroke in August 2020 and I’ve seen first hand the adaptation a home needs to go through to accommodate for wheelchair access or even simple mobility aids. Part of our responsibility to our clients and our community at large, is creating homes that meet the broadest possible mobility needs without compromising on aesthetics. The National Construction Code is currently considering legislating changes in this area as well – more to come in this space!

So that’s it! A bit of a public commitment to 2021 and the areas we will be putting a concerted effort into – building a practice of architecture that is deeply rooted in its responsibility for what we create and the culture from which we create. 

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