In Construction – The Bardon Twins

As an architect, one of the most thrilling parts of the design process is when you go to a build under construction, and find out if the initial ideas for the project are actually working the way you anticipated. It’s where the rubber meets the road. The site for the Bardon Twins was originally a 860sqm block that had been split into two long skinny lots, sloping steeply towards the East. One of the first considerations, was how do we get natural daylight down to the lower level especially into the afternoon. This was achieved by cutting voids into the form to make both internal and external light wells. We’re very excited to see these are working well. Once the pool is finished the light should bounce around even further.

We also quickly identified that one of the key attributes of the block, we’re in fact the large leopard trees and lush vegetation towards the rear of the site. This was not helping the cause for natural daylight, however we simply could not remove these magnificent trees. With the strategic placement of windows, the various parts of the trunk, branches, and canopy are framed through each of the levels. Looking out from the lounge room to the trees tops, while still getting light punch in from above really does create the best of both worlds. We look forward to sharing more with you as the finishing trades start up!

Built by Toscano Constructions and project managed by yours truly, Maytree Studios.

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