At Maytree Studios, we are humans first and architects second.

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We acknowledge the Turrbal and Yuggera people, the traditional custodians of the place now known as Brisbane, the land upon which our office stands and many of our projects have been built. We pay respect to their elders – past, present and emerging and recognise their strong connection and continuing relationship with their land.

If you’ve got a home or workplace with potential, you have a lot of decisions to make. So where do you begin? We’re here to chat through your wishlist, guide you with honest advice and show you new possibilities.

To us, you are never just a client – you’re our design partner. We each co-own Maytree Studios, which means we’re all equally invested in exceeding your expectations. The diversity of skills within our tight-knit team allows us to crack open the possibility of each project while never losing sight of the important details. 

As your architect, we are invested in designing a space that reflects your individuality. That means we want to get to know you as a person and what you’ve got planned for the future. 

These insights underpin our positive architecture methodology, which guides us to make design decisions that are liveable, attainable and responsible.

We understand that working with an architect is a big deal. But by making intelligent design choices and having a good time along the way, we are putting architecture within reach of more people.

So if you haven’t worked with an architect before or you’re overwhelmed by possibility, you can trust that we listen and have your best interests at heart. That’s why we say we’re humans first and architects second.

Take a look at our recent work to see the results of our design approach and meet some of our clients. 

Published Works

Rebecca Caldwell


M.Arch (QUT), Dip Int Des (CSIT), AIA Member

Rebecca is designing the kind of world she wants to live in. Her design philosophy combines ethics and social responsibility with the forward-thinking sensibilities of contemporary architecture. 

Originally from New Zealand, she aesthetically leans towards the rich, textured and rugged forms that define this part of the Antipodes. This tangible aspect of her practice is typical of Rebecca’s warm, empathic nature that endears her to clients. She is genuinely invested in what’s important for our clients and works closely with them to provide advice that is in their best interests. As a project progresses towards completion, Rebecca keeps communication channels flowing between clients and builders, collaboratively exploring ways to create buildable outcomes within budget. 

Becoming a mother has strengthened Rebecca’s residential practice by giving her a first-hand understanding of the importance of future-proofing homes to accommodate growing households. The sleep-deprivation of motherhood hasn’t affected her tongue-in-cheek humour, though, which remains razor sharp. 

Andy Keeffe


M.Arch (QUT), AIA member

Andy has a passion to design simple and meaningful spaces.

Though some would describe Andy as a ‘no-frills-kind of guy’, he has a sharp eye for detail that elevates the execution of every project. He places equal emphasis on every step of the journey from an initial idea to a built form, drawing on his background in carpentry and building maintenance to critically assess every aspect of a project.

If a constraint arises along the way, Andy flips the challenge on its head and turns it into an opportunity to further refine the design. This outlook and his diverse experience across residential and commercial architecture allows him to explore the full potential of every project. 

When Andy is not in the studio, he is usually surfing. His love of the outdoors also infiltrates his design practice, motivating him to create environmentally responsive spaces that connect with the context of a site. Details like a window that catches the morning sun are the things Andy pays close attention to, while seamlessly keeping a project on schedule and staying across the weekend’s surf forecast. 

Alisha Bouris

Interior Designer

Bachelor of Design - Interior Design (Hons 2) (QUT)

If there’s a new restaurant or gallery to check out in Brisbane, you can guarantee Alisha has already discovered it. She is an avid design hunter constantly immersed in innovative ideas, materials and designers.

Alisha’s cultural savvy elevates the level of design thinking she brings to a project. She strives to create interiors that focus on how people experience a space, rather than trends with a short shelf life. To design these enduring spaces, Alisha works closely with clients in order to learn how they want to live, work and play.

Our resident interior designer is also a branding enthusiast – a combination that brings great depth to her commercial work. Her understanding of aesthetics as well as customer experience and workflow adds both personality and practicality to professional environments. Throw in her love of nature and making indoor-outdoor connections, and you can see why Alisha is so adept at both commercial and residential interiors.

Kate Stafford


M. Arch (QUT), AIA Member

Kate’s equally creative and pragmatic nature makes her an asset at every stage of a project. She is the quiet achiever of the team, usually tucked in a corner refining ideas with her technical eye.

As a teenager, Kate got her first ‘real job’ working in admin at an architecture practice – and she was instantly hooked. With a logical intellect and love for art and music, she had found a career to indulge the dualities of her mind.

Kate approaches each project with sensitivity for people as well as the history and context of a building. She appreciates that every client is different, and cares deeply about designing individual spaces with character and spatial flow.

Whether she is at an art exhibition, an industry talk or walking her dog, Kate is constantly soaking up the world around us. So when she steps in to support our design process, she brings a nuanced understanding of life to the studio.

Our first meeting is complimentary so you can get to know us in a relaxed setting. Book a phone call here or face to face in our studio here.


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